Bonanza Slot Machine

Some are led to believe that one needs to dig ever so deeper in order to finally reach through the treasure; this is the main philosophy behind this mining themed bonanza slot machine, one of the most iconic of its kind. With the plethora of features as well as other delicate information to discuss, this review shall take a microscopic view on each of them, and the final verdict of this game shall then be delivered.

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      • Released:
      • Software:
        Big Time Gaming
      • Rolls:
      • Paylines:
      • Minimum Bet:
        0,2 per line
      • Maximum Bet:
        20 per line
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General characteristics of bonanza game casino

Who is the developer and when was it launched?

Slots bonanza slots casino was released on 2016, and is a product exclusively designed by Big Time Gaming. The company was looking to make a significant impact upon the online casino and gambling community, and it did just that upon the launch of this game. Subsequently, it was started being incorporated across various casinos all over the world all due to its instant demand and unique value.

What is the main theme of bonanza game casino?

As it has been stated previously, the entire theme of this game is based upon “mining”. The imagery of mining is always associated with recovering untold treasure or other forms of riches. As such, almost every corner and imagery of the bonanza slot machine is filled with imagery that reminds the player of the philosophy stated on the very first line.

Description of slot bonanza casino


Bonanza is unique because it has an unusual feature of possessing of six reels across three different rows, thus providing the user with 117,649 different ways to win. With the pay lines being extended on top of this, players might also have a chance of making a seven reel game. The rules of the game are akin to that of a normal 3 reel slot, but only with a few variations. The diamond, along with red, green and blue gems represent the higher-tier of winnings in comparison to 9, 10, A, J comprising of the lower value. The wild on this game happens to be dynamite, which obliterates all the other symbols, except G, O, L, D.

Is there any availability of bonanza free and how may one win?

In slot machine bonanza, there is only one special feature available in the form of bonanza online free spins, and they are triggered when a user wins at least four consecutive golden bars across the screen. Four such scatters affords the user 12 additional spins, with every consecutive increase in number would denote an additional 5 spins awarded to the user.

Where one can play for real money?

Triple slot bonanza machine is available across all major online casinos available throughout the globe. However, the staying power cannot be denied under any circumstances as the people tend to play for earning real money, and they believe that Bonanza would provide them with it. One can also download slot bonanza independently upon any mobile, tablet or desktop device, and opt for playing under real money or otherwise.

In the end, one may truly witness that slot machine bonanza is a truly great example for any or all kinds of slot machines in this casino and gaming industry. As such, it effectively combines innovative properties with some cliché off of slot based games in order to provide a product that is unique as well as appealing. Though there are some drawbacks that continue to persist, one cannot just deny the importance of this particular slot based game.

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